The Start Of It All

by sweetlifedaily

My obsessive search for natural skin care products started with two positive lines on a pregnancy test.  It was a moment with a million thoughts going through my head – FAST.  No doubt one of them was my skincare routine and my diet (including copious amounts of coffee and a nightly glass of wine).  Having worked for a dermatologist, I was an eager, volunteering guinea pig for trying out new products – no doubt the list of ingredients that I had layered on my face and body was giving me the chills.  Wasting no time, I started researching.  It’s almost been a year and I feel like I have an encyclopedia in my head of what is good or dangerous for a body – pregnant or not.

I first went through my bathroom cabinet, drawers, make up box, nail polish, toothpaste…With all these products on my desk, I read through any ingredients that would be considered dangerous, no matter what the amount, and started separating them.  Any products that didn’t have a full a list of ingredients got “inspected” at the Yes… a little (much) extreme, but that’s the only way I thought I could redeem my skin care routine, with respect for the life that was now growing within me.

Without pretty much anything left to use after my inspection, I had a clean slate.  I bought organic virgin coconut oil with the intention to use it as my go-to cream.  As we’ve all heard by now – whatever I put in my mouth, is good for my body.  I loooved the smell – so Almond Joy, though it wasn’t joy for long. The smell started making me extremely nauseous just a few days later.  So I had to scratch that goodness and look for other options, which didn’t take long.  Having heard about the latest argan-oil-everything, I knew I would only go for the pure stuff.  I purchased some Kahina organic argan oil from work.  The smell is nutty but not overpowering; the texture – oily but not greasy.  I was first worried about acne with the oil’s use but took my boss’s word that it can aid in  fighting acne.  So far – so very good: I’ve been using it on my face morning and night, and my then growing belly got a drop here and there, too. I don’t know which it was – pregnancy or the argan oil (or abstaining from nasty parabens, synthetic fragrances and who knows what else) that has improved my skin.  Either way, I’m glad to have a moisturizer that’s pure and made for a good cause.

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