a WEIGHTY issue

by sweetlifedaily

The 9 months… Your body changes daily to nourish a life within you before you even know it’s there.  It knows what to do; it’s a great design.  And after that morphing journey it does the same to nourish the little person it just brought into the world.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, as soon as the baby is breathing on his own there is the race to the pre-pregnancy weight.  Before that happens, there is little beauty seen in the body that just brought a life into the world.  Sadly, it’s usually females ourselves who raise those slimming standards…  While pregnant, I got asked numerous times about my weight and received countless comments about my body.  Why is it such a hot topic while we’re in such a vulnerable state, trekking towards motherhood? Women have told me that weight gain is one of their biggest fears about getting pregnant.  I have to admit that was one of mine till the day I did.  But that fear faded against the reality of impeding motherhood.  Four months postpartum the comments keep coming…

I’m all for the healthy way.  I’m all for fitness.  But women, let’s give ourselves a break. Really.  As for the things we can’t control – this image from Samantha Thrall’s blog says it all. We have so much to be thankful for.


Image from http://samanthathrall.com/2012/09/14/body-image/