Secret No More

by sweetlifedaily

…and Tom’s of Maine ain’t the main… deodorant, that is.  Upon getting pregnant, my paranoia of harmful ingredients went up to my arm pits (pun intended).  I chucked my “Secret” (or at least chucked it to the back of my drawer) and went for the most “natural” stuff I could find, but let’s just say I smelled… naturally.  Not good.

And then the “aha moment!” – baking soda!  I was ecstatic – there was not a hint of anything after a day of activity.  Eureka!  But ouch, the next day it was clear that stuff is too abrasive by itself.  So on to Google I go. There is an abundance of recipes online.  I’m not here to give you another one.  Most of them call for coconut oil but it made me nauseous, so I had to figure out other ways to make it stick, literally. What I will say (besides “just do it!”) is that all you need are a few ingredients:

–       BAKING SODA. That’s the smell-kicker

–       POWDER. It will dull the abrasive qualities of the baking soda, i.e. corn starch, potato starch or my favorite – arrowroot powder (although be aware that arrowroot powder will give the mixture a slightly gray, brownish tint.. but who cares, right?)

–       OINTMENT. Coconut oil, shea or mango butter.  (I even used Vaniply’s Ointment with dimethicone as its active ingredient and that was because it didn’t have a smell)

–       ESSENTIAL OIL.  i.e. lavender, orange

Coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder and tea tree oil (the arrowroot powder gives it a grayish hue)

Coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder and tea tree oil (the arrowroot powder gives it a grayish hue)

I started using only a mixture with equal parts of baking soda and potato starch.  That worked beautifully.  The next time I added the Vaniply ointment for easier application, and that was even better.  Then came essential oils and that’s the bee’s knees, if you ask the non-pregnant me.

Now that I’ve had my baby this is still my deo of choice.  I do use coconut oil now that it’s back to smelling good ;) If smells bother you due to morning sickness this is your friend.  However, pregnant or not, we’re exposed to so many different things we don’t have control over, there are some variables that we can control. Try it. You have all you need in your kitchen to experiment with!

ever-changing, ever-dependable ;)

ever-changing, ever-dependable ;)

Here are some links to recipes if you do like to do things by the book ;)