All Over Butter

by sweetlifedaily

First came an expanding, pregnant belly and raw shea butter. Then came stained shirts. Then came the baby. And only then mama learned of whipping butters :::sigh::: I really had no idea.

Expanding Belly

Expanding Belly

I’m not going to bash commercial body care products – I used them and loved them till I got pregnant. Since then I have put them away for better, wholesome, natural goodness.

Yummy Butter

Yummy Butter

Experimenting with shea, cocoa, mango and kokum butters has been such a delight. I make a new batch every few weeks, so the recipe is always changing. The concoction is my face cream, eye cream, body cream and hand cream… It’s my all-over-butter. I have peace of mind using it. I know exactly what it contains, so if my baby plants a wet kiss on my face or gnaws on my arm, he won’t be ingesting any chemicals, parabens or mineral oil.

The possibilities are endless: shea butter and hazelnut oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil (my favorite), mango and shea, etc. I usually whip equal parts butters and oils, then add some essential oils (especially if I am using shea butter… its scent still takes me back to nauseous days of pregnancy) and that’s it!

This must be my favorite – cocoa and coconut vanilla cream :) I can’t get enough vanilla these days!

Coconut Vanilla Cream

Coconut Vanilla Cream

2 oz raw, organic cocoa butter

2 oz organic virgin coconut oil

1/2 tsp vanilla powder (yes, the baking kind)

1 Tbsp vitamin E oil

1. Dissolve vanilla powder in melted cocoa butter and let it cool till it starts to solidify around the edges.

2. Add coconut oil (coconut oil does not have to be melted) and vitamin E, then WHIP till it starts forming peaks and turns almost white.

3. Scoop into a container and voilà!

*The butter becomes harder overnight (this is especially the case with harder butters like cocoa). If it is too hard for your preference – add more oil and whip again. Experiment to your heart’s content.