Back to Basics in the Shower – Soap

by sweetlifedaily

Being the recovering product junkie that I am, it was difficult to consolidate my bottles… I love my suds! I kept looking for healthier soap alternatives and found Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps (I know, I know… it’s been around forever – I must have looked in all the wrong places).

Baby Mild Soap - picture from Dr. Bronner's website

Baby Mild Soap – picture from Dr. Bronner’s website

Here is an example of soap uses in our family:

body wash

face wash/make up remover

shaving soap

hand soap

dish soap

cleaning agent

one of the ingredients in baby wipes

Lavender is by far my favorite, but peppermint works great for cleaning and dish soap (I don’t especially love the cooling sensation it leaves on my body). For body/face wash I dilute 3 parts soap to 1 part water.

Some pointers:

I have found lots of DIY cleaning product recipes online calling for vinegar and soap in the same recipe. However, I have also read that these two should not be mixed together as they cancel each other out because vinegar is acidic and soap is basic. But again… I am no chemist. Clean as you wish. :)

Do your best to keep the soap out of your eyeballs… Really. Especially if you’re using this as a facewash. After all, this is soap at its finest.

One bottle. Shopping is simplified, too. Love it.

UPDATE: 07/28/13 A diluted solution also makes great blowing bubbles and non-toxic fun. My one-year-old will attest to this.