DIY Baby Harem Pants

by sweetlifedaily

Whenever I think of shopping, I think of sweaters. Especially sweaters in all shades of gray. Needless to say that is the most abundant category of clothes in my closet. I felt like my baby was missing out on the fine things in life, with all the fun, striped and colorful, adorable baby clothes at his disposal. So I decided to sacrifice one of those gems and make baby some harem sweatpants/wool soakers/longies to introduce him to the luscious life of gray wool. It went something like this:

DSC01166  DSC01168 DSC01170

I’ve been searching for the pattern that I had found to link to but for the life of me I can’t find it… There are a ton of easy, simple examples out there. I like the way this one gives a bit more room for the cloth diaper.



DSC01661DSC01665 DSC01670

This dancing baby gnaws on everything, including whatever is on his feet. These longies have worked beautifully on our walks in the stroller or in the sling, to keep his feet warm, after he’s pulled his booties off. Since there is no drawstring or elastic in the waisband, it does not cut into his buddha belly (I have cut the elastic on most of his pants). I am no baby, but I imagine this is the most comfortable pair of sweats one can have.  AND they’re gray.

I ended up with this pair of longies and a pair of shorts. We cloth diaper during the day and still haven’t bought a diaper cover. Washing the sweater in hot water and drying in the dryer helped increase the moisture wicking quality of the wool. That’s quite a second life for a sweater!

UPDATE: It’s been about 9 months since I crafted these and we’re still wearing them. Fancy pants, indeed. Except we now have an upcycled scarf and parts of a dress to wear as a sweater coat and a handmade cashmere hoodie. I’m sure my baby is stoked. Hmm. :)