DIY Baby Sweater from Scarf and Scraps

by sweetlifedaily

When it gets cold, I put my trust in wool and cashmere. Naturally, I want my baby to don the fine threads, too. I had a plaid cashmere scarf laying around that I never wore (no wonder) and some old scraps from a dress. The scarf looked just the right width to make a sweater. I poured a glass of red and went for it – no ruler, no pins, no cut outs (all this definitely not because I can do this with my eyes closed)… I used one of his sweatshirts as a guide but not expecting much as the final outcome, I only took a few quick pictures.DSC02525 DSC02526

I sowed the sides together, but figured it would be more comfortable with a bit of stretch. I had enough gray knit scraps to extend the sides and for two sleeves (one of which definitely got gypped :) And right around here I started feeling pretty hopeful!


Cuff the sleeves, add a collar of sorts, patches on the elbows and magic! I’m thinking that this cashmere alchemy is very fun!

securedownload-1Here is my little man, sporting his homemade longies and new sweater.DSC03026I hope this is helpful to someone out there. I am always looking for DIY sweater ideas, so please share if you have one!

Happy sewing!