A Sweater From a Another Mother

by sweetlifedaily

I meant from a different sweater… This time I chose to cut up a thrifted, pure cashmere GAP women’s hoodie (in light gray, of course) for my little growing model.Image

I’ve now done a few of these cashmere baby sweaters (not that we need so many in SoCal) and I’m obsessed with how cute they are. It took me 45 minutes from start to finish to leisurely cut and sew it by hand (not including the time I sew in buttons, as an amateur, and later removed them). Here is a visual summary of how the hoodie went a few sizes down:


Eyeballed it and cut it.


Looks pretty even. Let’s sew!


This is such an easy and a rewarding project! AND now there is one more sweater salvaged from the landfill. Can’t go greener than that! Well… maybe with a few green patches on the elbows. ;)

Cashmere Sweater Cashmere Sweater back

Happy sewing!